Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NOT for the faint of tummy!!

You know how sometimes things are just the PERFECT metaphor for life? Well my son provided it tonight.....

He ate and ate and ate and ate turkey tonight. Every time I turned around I was taking more away from him. I kept telling him "Don't EAT ANY MORE!!! I are going to make yourself sick!"

And make himself sick he did.... (seriously, if you have a faint tummy like me skip the pictures!!)
All over the place....
All over the bed....

On the Penguin, his sister's Ugg boots, the CLEAN blankets I just washed today!!

Even on his computer!!!

Like I didn't have ENOUGH to do.
Like I am not stressed enough.
Like I clean up vomit so well.

Not to all of the above!

But it is a perfect metaphor for my day. Because I feel like life just vomited up all over me today! I feel like that poor penguin, of the bed, of even the floor that gets walked on AND puked on! So I am hoping that as I cleaned this all up I also cleaned out the crap left over from today! And now I get to get up and shampoo the carpets in the morning before the company gets here! Sounds fun hu?

Hope your evening was better than mine!