Friday, December 11, 2009

God is SO Good!!!

He meets our every need.

Things were starting to look a little bare around here...

It has been a month of no child support and lots of bills. Bills that I SHOULDN'T have to be paying alone, but I am.
And my cupboards were starting to show it in a big way.

But I KNEW God knew all about it, so I wasn't stressing.

This morning I had to stop off at my legal representatives office on my way to work. Just a quick stop to drop off some letters (letters that totally HUMBLED me to be able to drop off. Thank you Lord for such strong, moral people surrounding me!) and while I was there one of the ladies said, "Can I get you some food?" Now we are continually blessed with FREE fresh fruits, vegetables and bread good, even dairy and meat at times. But canned and boxed goods.. .what I call the pantry food, I usually buy. When this woman took me into another room there were SHELVES of canned and boxed foods. She said to take what we needed. WHAT a blessing!! I picked out some stuff that we really needed and thanked her. She looked at what I had and said "No Way, that isn't enough... here take more!"

So this is what my pantry looks like tonight:

Isn't that beautiful??

And I hadn't even asked Him for anything yet... I wasn't too worried about it... I KNEW He had a plan and He would NOT let my children go hungry!!!

I LOVE that I can count on my God like this!!! He is SO Good!



{april kennedy} said...

You are blessed by HIM!