Saturday, December 12, 2009

very full family day

Saturday looked to be a VERY full day on the calender all week, but man when it got here it was VERY VERY full!

It was to start out with the local Christmas parade, and our business, Butterfly Boutique, had joined forces with Central Coast Dance to have a float in the parade. Last year it was wet and we had light showers all day, but the parade went on anyways, so I assumed the same for this year. But those light showers..... they were HEAVY! And things got REALLY wet!!

First out canopy decided to cave in and HOLD water instead of funnel it to the sides. We had to teach it how to be potty trained! And then put it back up. The theme of this years parade was a Wild West Christmas, so we were going to have a traditional Christmas hay ride. Had it all planned out in my mind and Friday night we got all the Hay bales loaded on the trailer. It was looking very cute with miniature Christmas tree in the bales of hay, white "snow" on the bed of the trailer, lots of lights, and we were going to add big boxes all wrapped up like Christmas presents in the morning. But we decided with the rain to tarp everything for the night and get up early in the morning to finish decorating.

We got up bright and early to take the trailer down to the starting point before Papa had to cook pancakes for the Kiwanas Pancake Breakfast. But we were not too eager to finish decorating. It was really raining and we were uncertain if the parade was a go or not. So we just hung out and waited.....

And waited. And waited. Till we finally got the news that, for the first time in 23 years, the parade was canceled due to rain :( Very sad, but we didn't have time to dwell on it. Had to put the hay away before it got too wet and the horses wouldn't eat it. Had to go have some of those yummy pancakes from the Kiwanas. Then had to get over to the community center to watch Josie sing with her middle school choir for the Homeless Shelter Fundraiser.

The kids did a great job of singing, but I was really disappointed with the audience. They we were talking so loud through all of the songs that you could barely hear the kids. I even took some videos of them singing and when I reviewed them I couldn't even hear the kids through all of the talking around me :( Rude Rude Rude. But what are you going to do????

Nathaniel and Faline were trying hard to hear all of the singing. (And trying to keep Nathaniel "cooped up" as he said). There were so many people that we NOT looking where they were going at all!

Audrey was REALLY excited to go see Santa and make her Christmas wish. See her all dressed up for the Wild West? Yup, she would have been cute up on that hay ride... but oh well! So anyways, I asked her what her Christmas wish had been for (you know fishing for mommy...) and she informed me "You can NOT know, it's for Santa to bring me, NOT you!" Oh dear.... hope Santa understands that one...

After a quick break for lunch and getting the girls in their costumes, we headed back for another performance. This time Central Coast Dance with Josie and Audrey. They did really well..... but the silly blogger is not uploading the videos well, so we will have to do it photobucket style I guess :( Hope you enjoy them if they ever show up!!

This is the finale bow...

A few more activities to go before this day is over.. but I will sign off for now :)