Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas 2009!!
This year has been tough on my family, as many of you know. My husband, the father of my darling children, has chosen his addiction over his family. He has turned his life over to the enemy, choosing to surround himself with enablers and evil people instead of God, goodness and healing. For that reason he is no longer with the children and I. But this is all more than my 6 and 9 year old can understand. They just know that daddy is "sick" and needs time and space to get better. So they were understandably sad that Mark was not with us today. This is them sharing their Christmas excitement in hopes that their father sees it. So excuse the LONG post with tons of pictures, but I am trying to help my kids learn to share their heart in a safe way!

I have scrimped and saved, and Faline and my BIG present to the kids this year is that we are taking ALL FOUR of them to Disneyland next week!!!! Nathaniel and Audrey have never even been. The picture above is Audrey when she figured out where we are going! Such pure joy on that angels face!

We had matching jackets made for all of the kids that have their names on them, and included a note telling them that 2010 will be a year of family fun, and that we leave for our first trip next weekend... and then there is a picture of Disneyland. I'd say Josie is a little excited reading that note, don't you think?

Josie checking out her personalized jacket.

Me and my angels.... I am so blessed to have the most wonderful children. I love them with all of my heart! I wish I could spare them the current pain and suffering, but I am thankful that we are blessed to be surrounded by so many that love us and encourage us on in the way of the Lord. Thank you God for these dear ones!

My grandparents have had a REALLY tough year with their health. We are so blessed that they were able to be here with us for this holiday. This is Nathaniel and Audrey with their GREAT Grandparents... known as GGmama and GGpapap to the kids.

And here are all four kids with GGmama and GGpapap

And add my mom, Sharon, and I to the mix...
The next few shots are of Nathaniel opening presents:

The amazing thing to me this year was that Nathaniel was INTO his presents. In the past he has gotten over stimulated and TOTALLY shut down at present time. Not this year, he was engaged and excited the whole time. Made my heart so happy that he was able to enjoy things this year.

Look at that smile!!!

And Jesus (or his servants anyways!) Blessed us with GREEN Vans for Nathaniel. Have I ever mentioned that he is TOTALLY into green right now?

And a new carry case for his new mini laptop!

Then there is Audrey....
And her shoe fetish!!

Yup... more shoes (from Jesus also!)

Audrey is at that age where she totally loves to pose with EVERY present she opens... it was funny!

But who could resist the shot when she is so darned cute!!!

Josie was really cute and animated this year too. Actually I think NONE of the kids broke down at all this year.... amazing!!

Josie and her Velveteen Rabbit (like as in the show she was in a few weeks ago..)

And PURPLE Duct Tape... very cool!

Such excitement!

Faline thinks the coin/credit card purse I made her was funny... I think it was SMART! That girl needs to STOP putting her debit card in her pocket... she keeps loosing them!!!

Grady and his yearly "pig" present (don't ask..)

Gramie Sharon and the sweater we picked out for her.

Gramie with the ornament that Bri and Jo made her. Very pretty!

More Grady.... it's so hard to get a picture of that boy!
Bri was hard to get pictures of for me this year... she was sitting too close to me and in front of a window... but here are the few I got..

Pink Duct Tape for her!

Stainless water bottles all around. Very cool find on clearance at Old Navy!

Over all we had a very blessed morning and lots of fun.... how was Christmas with your family?