Monday, December 28, 2009

interesting conversations today....

The things that you hear here at Butterfly Boutique when the kids are out of school and hanging here for the day....

Nathaniel & Brianna talking by the computer:
B: Look Nat, let's watch how babies are made.
N: Oh that looks fun, can I try?

Faline (also by computer):
The last three times I have tried to mate it hasn't worked.... wonder why?

a little latter:
Faline: Maybe I should try mating with Sully, maybe that will work.....
Nat: Oh cool!!!! It worked... we are getting more babies by the minute!!!

Faline: Nat, do you want to come train?
Nat: No. I like making babies better than training....

Nat: Oh man the eggs are moving!!! Someone stop them... they are moving!!
Jo: Eggs are NOT supposed to move... they lay there until there are fertilized!!
Nat: Well someone forgot to tell these eggs that!

Josie (who thinks it's nap time at BB with 4 kids)
Jo: Hey everyone let's play the quiet game. Starting NOW. Ready. Set. Quite.
a few minutes latter: You all LOST. The point of quiet time is to be QUITE!!!! Now can we try again?
a few minutes after that: Hey, is anyone listening to me??? It's QUIET time!!!
Me: Josie, you are being awful loud about it being quiet time.

Nat: Me and Aunta just made another egg!!! Cool, we are going to have more babies together!!!
Bri & Jo together: That is so WRONG Nathaniel!!! It's a good think no one is listening to this conversation!

Brianna: Audrey, don't spend all of my coins!!!
Audrey: Then can I spend all your dollars???

Nathaniel: I am tired of wearing this shirt... I am taking my shirt off now.
Josie: Why Nat?
Nathaniel: Because it's getting hot in here.
a few minutes latter:
Brianna: WHY is Nathaniel witting there without his shirt on???
A bunch of us: Why not???

Faline: Can we BLOW the nose instead of sniffing the green goo back in??
Nat: No. Green goo is recyclable.

Brianna to Audrey: could you please put some clothes on her before you go to the mall?
Audrey: None of them are pretty enough. She is better with her swim suit on.
Brianna: It's winter though... and you are going to the mall!!!
Audrey: giggles madly!

Brianna is getting ready to leave to hang out with some of her friends. I tell her:
G: "Don't do anything we wouldn't do."
F: "Don't do anything we DID do at your age!"
Bri: "But if you did it why can't I?"
F & G together really loud: "Because!!!"
J: "Sounds like you shouldn't do ANYTHING!!!"

F: Nathaniel!!! WHAT are you doing????
N: I am buying you a star fish. It will be pretty.
G: Oh, how sweet.
F: But Nathaniel that cost REAL money!
N: It's ok. I charged it.
F: Cancel, cancel, cancel!
a few seconds latter...
F: Dude, Nathaniel you used 30 shakes of fish food!!
N: I know.... all the fish are fat. Isn't that weird???
F: Oh yea. So weird. Ugh.

So my head is TOTALLY spinning after listening to this all day!!! Is it time for them to go back to school yet???

And the explanation/disclosure is that the kids and Faline were playing some Fish game on Facebook where you breed fish, make babies and then feed them. I so didn't know this for the longest time so I was so confused!


{april kennedy} said...

Love your last few posts. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. fun will that be?! Hope Nat is feeling better soon and the baby making continues to keep them occupied until school is back in session! hahaha!