Sunday, December 6, 2009

the golden mommy rule

Sometimes I need to remember the golden mommy rule. Nathaniel has caught me with this one a few times this week. The rule in question??? When the kids are quiet and not right under your feet they are UP TO SOMETHING!!!! Yup. I have forgotten this a few times this week.

Just the other day he was laying real quiet in my bed with his head under the blankets and I thought he was just zoning out. WRONG!!! He took the LITTLE TINY hole in my favorite knit bed sheets and worked it into a HUGE hole. We are talking at least 18 inches around!! I guess those favorite sheets are taking a leap to the trash can today :(

When we are at home, and Nat gets quiet I always know to go look for my laptop. Nathaniel has found that he LOVES the games on Facebook, and I am BAD about signing off of FB. I tend to sign in, and then just leave the window up. You know, do some work, then go check in, then go back and work more. Yup, that is my system but it isn't so great with such a smart little guy in the house. I CONSTANTLY find him playing games on my FB account...and using all my Farkle chips!!!

Then there was this one that I just found.
When I was working on the computer the other night the kids asked what the little web cam menu that kept popping up was, so I took this picture of us with the web cam to show them. Cute. Fun. Quickly forgotten and moving on.

This morning I was cleaning up the memory card from my camera. We have a totally busy week coming up and last night when I was taking pictures I noticed it was close to full, so I thought I would clean and file pictures while the house was quiet between chores. I opened my picture file on the laptop and found a whole series of pictures like the following one
Now remember, it's a Web Cam and the laptop is in my room, which doesn't have the greatest lighting too.

But he did figure out how to put a cute little frame on the pictures...

And even got part of his face in some of them!

Well... there went the little frame. Guess he was practicing plain too!

Oh wow... almost some lips!!!

And now we have some balloon action going on too!!! Silly boy! There were about 50 of these pictures in my picture folder this morning. I was laughing so hard when I saw them.

I guess Nathaniel did NOT quickly forget about the web cam.... he was just waiting for a time when mommy wasn't looking to practice with it!!!